Best In Class Solutions offers a variety of online marketing services as well as personal professional development. Our company thrives on client success. At BIC, we all have past hands-on experience with all of the services we offer. This is how we built our business, with professionals who have experience doing exactly what we need done. We understand that dealing with companies of our statute in the past may have not been pleasant for you. In fact, it was probably a night mare and faulty promises were given. A few of us have worked for those same companies in the past. We love what we do so we decided to put an end to that. Our end result is not the money we make but what it is that we do for each client and the success we give them.

Online Business Listings

Listing your business online is so important in marketing your business. In today's day and age, many people use different search engines trying to find new businesses for certain reasons. Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yellowpages, and much more are the industry leaders for this type of business. This is why we feel it is mandatory to have your business listed on these search engines.

We List For You!

Not only do we list your business on these major search engines, we list them so that your business can be found on these listings. A lot of companies don't verify your business with these listings. They just add your information. We take the extra step in actually verifying your business within these listings so that you can gain more business.

E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are a great way to make profits for your business. If you sell products at a physical store, setting up an online store is just another way for you to make more business and more profits. Online stores target customers who may not be local to where your place of business is. Your store will give customers the ability to shop for products in the comfort of there own home.

BIC Solutions offers complete E-commerce solutions for your business. Working closely with our customers we will set your store up completely, with just minimal work on your side. When creating an online store BIC will assist with setting up shipping, products, images descriptions, merchants and everything that completes your e-commerce store.

BIC will need to work closely with you so that we can go over product dimensions, weights, merchant accounts so that you can accept payments on your website, imagery for your products, valued product descriptions and much more.

Graphic Design

Design is found in almost everything you encounter. It is such an important tool to for your business and separates successful businesses from the rest. A firm design plan for your business can help you be successful. You can choose what "language" you want to translate to your customers and exactly what type of image you want your business or brand to portray.

BIC Solutions delivers professional design services and can help you build your brand the way you intend too. Our designers are collegiate graduates in the field and have over 10 years after college in the field. With a keen eye and a great understanding of what you need and the ability to fulfill what you want, we will be your go to source for your design projects. Consultations are free, let us help you build your brand!

"Positivity Is The Key To Success"

Google AdWords

Google Adwords is a great way to market your business. There are other ways to market your business but this is a guaranteed way to have front page visibility with a mile radius option for whatever keywords you desire. The keywords range in pricing and you are charged for each time your link is clicked and visitors get to your website. Although this can be expensive it is also proven to work for you. I have designed websites for clients who were in need of fast visibility because of flooding in there area. The business they owned was a mobile home transport business. We signed them up with Google AdWords and they landed jobs with OSHA and were very pleased with what we helped them do. This is the reason why I am in this business. I am not the type of person that is in this to get rich or be very wealthy because I was told that no amount of money can make you happy. What does make me happy is knowing that I can change peoples lives for the better and help them reach goals that will grow there business.

The Search Engine Visibility Table

This image entails everything it takes to properly optimize your website and business listings online. By optimize, we mean give your business visibility so that you can generate more traffic giving you more business. There is a lot that goes into this process on a monthly basis and many do not seem to understand what it takes. It is not just a push button process that magically happens its hours of labor and constant updating.
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